The J. Millard Tawes is responsible for clearing a path from Crisfield to Smith Island.

Hayden Frazier

After leaving his troubled life in Washington D.C., Hayden Frazier found success at Stephen Decatur High School.

Artist Rachel Alvarez
Chris English and Son: Blues Musicians
'We do it as family'
Wi-Hi Runner

Wi-Hi track runner Brianna Stevenson will represent Maryland in the Down Under Sports Tournament held in Australia.

NASA Inspire Day
Delmarva Storytellers - Wes Davis

Musician, Wes Davis, talks about his experience performing in Delmarva and why he continues to play. Video produced by Ralph Musthaler

Trimper's Rides: A family operated amusement park

Brooks Trimper talks about his family's amusement park, which has been in business since 1892.

Michael Li

Bennett Senior, Michael Li, 17, of Salisbury, talks about his research and what he hopes to accomplish in the future.

SU Mandala

Buddhist Monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery work to create a Mandala sand painting in April 2016.

Judy Hagen of Millsboro creates metal sculptures from recycled materials

2nd Time Designs owner, Judy Hagen, is known for her colorful lawn sculptures. With the help of her husband and mother, she takes recycled metal scraps and turns them into something beautiful.

Shooter Morgan Phillips

Morgan Phillips talks about her routine, experiences and equipment. Video by Ralph Musthaler

Artist Brad Hudson

UMES Professor Brad Hudson talks about his artwork and the future of graphic novels. Video by Ralph Musthaler

Know the Shore: Berlin

Berlin business owners speak about America's coolest small town, and what their respective businesses have to offer. Video by Ralph Musthaler

Steel City Boxing

Video By: Ralph Musthaler

© Ralph Musthaler

Pirates Home Opener

This is a video about the fun, but sometimes chaotic atmosphere surrounding the Pittsburgh Pirates home opener. 
© Beaver County Times

Coin Operated Museum
Pittsburgh Steeline

Video by: Ralph Musthaler
© Post-Gazette

Post-Gazette Fall Dining Guide

Video by: Julia Rendleman and Ralph Musthaler
© Post-Gazette

Conflict Kitchen Reopens

Conflict Kitchen serves only food from nations that are in conflict with the United States. This particular menu consisting of Palestinian cuisine has brought forth controversy concerning messages printed on the restaurant's wrappers. After receiving death threats, the restaurant closed for two days. Within this video is the reaction of the two co-directors, and two patrons.
Video by Ralph Musthaler
© Post-Gazette

Community profile: Dr. Johnson

This a profile video of a hospital administration in Meadville, PA. The production was done in an hour, and the editing was completed in five hours. Video by Ralph Musthaler, Matt Adams and Madeline Friedmann.
© Ralph Musthaler